Product Description
  • Single stroke gantry machine,high precision broaching acting.
  • Suitable for external broaching.
  • Auto lifting broach function,available stroke adjustment depends on broach tooling.
  • Adopting green saving piston pump,high efficiency design. Available for adjustment of broaching speed and pressure.
  • Easy operation, saving time , high processing precision.
  • Human interface PLC, speed and using pressure can be adjusted by customer.
  • The broaching pressure and speed are adjustable and fitting with working pieces, moreover the stroke can be adjusted and fitting with b roach tooling.
  • In order to save time, touch panel can also help users to adjust pressure and speed depends on customer's needs. Broaching pressure and speed can be adjusted quickly with the workpiece. In addition, the working stroke of the broach can be adjusted according to the length of the tool.
  • Specification