Hydraulic Valve

Since its establishment in 1989, Yoeshe has been cultivating in this field for more than 20 years as a hydraulic valves manufacturer. As to the hydraulic products, here it provides fluid control valves, pilot control valves in general and hydraulic pilot valve.  If you'd like to learn more specific information, please click on the picture below or contact us directly, thank you.

  • This piloted check valve is employed the piloted pressure to open the check valve and fluid flow reversely, if the maintained internal pressure in the system.
  • By reforming internal part, the two process Controlled Check valve can lower pressure when turning on and decrease shifting noise, which makes advanced quality.
  • Check Valves
    Check Valves

    Check valves that Yeoshe manufactures are including flange-clamped pre-fill valves, prefill valves, piloted check valve, etc. All our check valves are obtained by ISO certificate. Please feel free to contact us for more details of check valves.

  • Directional Valves
    Directional Valves

    Manually operated directional valves and cam operated directional valves are involved in directional valves and with high performance and good quality. Welcome to email us if you have any further question or comments.

  • Relief Valves
    Relief Valves

    For more remote control relief valves, you are welcomed to learn more information by click on the picture below or contact us directly, thank you.

  • Throttle Valves
    Throttle Valves

    Throttle valves includes throttle and check valves, solenoid operated flow controlled valves, throttle and check module valves, manually operated directional valves and cam operated directional valves, etc.

  • Modular Control Valves
    Modular Control Valves

    Casting iron valve bodies are provided strength and durability for longer life. Internal hardened steel components also provide durable life.

  • Flow control valve
    • Electric-Proportional Flow control valves manage the flow by decreasing or increasing the throttle opening via analogue voltage or current signals. This helps to determine speed of movement for the actuators.