Hydraulic Machines, Hydraulic Broaching and Cold Forging Press Manufacturer

Yeoshe not only manufactures hydraulic products, but also supplies hydraulic machines as one of trustworthy hydraulic equipment manufacturers and suppliers. And Yeoshe always insists consistently on providing good service and strict quality control.

Our hydraulic machines include vertical broaching machine, cold forging press machine, vertical shaper machine, punching press machine, high speed milling machines and oil filter cart. All of hydraulic machines processing and operating procedures have been certified with the ISO 9001-2008 to have a good knowledge of the market trends and meet the customer's needs. Welcome to check following products and feel free to contact us for further questions.

  • Broaching
    Broaching Machines
    • One set of double-unit, high processing precision, and precise positioning.
    • Suitable for many kinds of hand tool hardware, and automobile parts.
    • Quick speed, easy to operate. You can produce all kind of size that you need in one time to save the time of transport.
    • Pressure and speed can be adjusted freely by optional requirement of the users.
  • Cold Forging Press
    Cold Forging Press
    • Quick down function, low speed shaping, and high processing precision.
    • Low/quick speed can be adjusted freely.
    • Manual, auto, easy to change mold, accurate setting for pressure sensor.
    • Stiffness structure, powerful slide seat design, high processing precision, and long service life.
  • Punching & Shaping
    Punch-hydraulic press

    Shaft high speed press adopts PISTON high pressure pump, high efficiency, electricity-saving, designed with single-unit or one set of double-unit, suitably used for on-line operation, space-saving, and suitably used for hand tool processing and automobile parts drilling processing, etc.

  • Milling
    Milling Machine

    Yeoshe provides milling machines such as vertical milling machines, horizontal milling machine which are with friendly operating system and excellent performance of high efficiency and energy saving. Please contact us for more information of our products.

  • Portable Filter Cart
    Portable Filter Cart
    • High performance filtering unit has designed with inlet & outlet tube and no need of special tools to proceed the work of oil filtering, easy to move and clean the filtering net with convenient access.
    • Oil filtering unit has equipped with pollution indicator.
    • Filtering element sufficient and provides with low cost.
    • Hand-push type design, easy to carry, and space-saving.
    • Adopts big-capacity filtering net area with best purifying effect.